When the Client seeks to expand the business, either organically or through mergers and acquisitions, create value through a restructuring, raise investors (domestic or international), obtain financing, improve the capital structure, he finds at FMAS innovative and effective solutions, tailor made, to meet its short- and long-term strategic objectives.

Our solutions include:



    • Mergers
      & Acquisitions

      • Strategic planning;
      • Sell-side mandates;
      • Buy-side mandates;
      • MBO/MBI;
      • Capital raising.

    • Company

      • In the financial and market perspectives;
      • Valuation of business units;
      • Asset valuation.

    • Debt Structuring
      & Restructuring

      • Capital structure analysis and optimization;
      • Financial planning;
      • Offer identification;
      • Advisory in the negotiation with financial institutions.

    • Investment

      • Analysis of investments / divestments;
      • Business partners prospecting;
      • Raising venture capital / Private equity;
      • Opportunities identification.